The following materials are outlined to illustrate the efforts that have been completed to date to move this project through the development process.

Existing Bridge Plans
Original 1939 Existing Bridge Plans

Cultural Resources
Section 106 Cultural Resources Effect Memo & Memorandum of Agreement          January 15,2016
Section 106 Executed Memorandum of Agreement          May 31, 2016
Revised Cultural Resources Effect Memo          August 4, 2017
Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement Amendment          August 7, 2017

Categorical Exclusion/Final Section 4(f) Evaluation          October 2016
NEPA 4(f) Final Re-evaluation          August 7, 2017
Environmental Commitments Memo          August 23, 2017

Public Presentations
Public Informational Meeting Plan           June 16, 2015
Public Informational Meeting Presentation           June 16, 2015

Select Board Meetings
Select Board Minutes           August 17, 2010
Select Board Minutes           April 23, 2013

Detailed Plans Available for Download